Eusheen Goines aka Eush

“Hello Everyone! I have been playing with Borosilicate glass since January of 2000 and am still rockin’. Besides glass, I spend my time skateboarding, snowboarding, traveling, rocking shows, and relaxing with friends and family. Everything that you see here in my portfolio is a direct influence from my Mom (Libby Goines) and Dad (Patrick Farley), my brother (Shen Goines),Warren and Wanda Goines (My Grandparents), Gilbert Velasco, Darby Holm, Banjo Matt, Natey Biskind, Mike Luna, Chaz Pyle, Micah Blatt, Clinton Roman, Cowboy, Jarred Betty, The Dome School, and many many others.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my work and remember to leave a comment:). You are all beautiful! Take care:).”

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