Assassins of Youth Set 

by N8 Miers

Date Started – November, 2014
Date Completed – March, 2015
Medium – Borosilicate Glass

The Kaleidoscope Murrine Project (KMP) is a series of murrine pulls that I’ve been dreaming up which utilize fun colors and familiar graphics and icons in a chaotic but repeating pattern to form kaleidoscopic imagery. This is some of my most labor-intensive work to date (and this pull in particular is also my first themed kaleidoscope!); the ‘Assassin of Youth’ chips were made using a mix of custom components including a cannabis leaf, an oil drip, a sherlock pipe, an old-school Roor-style bong, and a Quave Klein. It took two weeks to build the components, assemble, and cut and polish to the stage that I could then incorporate them into my hollow work. The entire process only yielded a total of about 45 usable murrine chips, making all of the pulls and pieces in the Kaleidoscope Murrine Project very limited by nature.

This set includes a beaker-shaped mini-tube, a sherlock, and a matching pendant, made using a total of 26 murrine chips from the “Assassin of Youth” series.

The beaker mini-tube stands 7″ tall, and was made using 12 murrine chips. The three transparent yellow hollow sections are handspun and coilpot Lemon Drop, divided by Peacock blue lip wraps. It features a built-in lo-pro 14mm female joint, 14mm-10mm clear transition with Lemon Drop, a Peacock custom shaped dropstem, and two-holes aiming downwards to deter splash-out. A 10mm martini slide and genuine Quave Club Banger are also included. The mouthpiece and worked joint are both lapped down on a grinding wheel and flame-polished for a clean, finished look.
The set also includes a beautiful matching sherlock made using 10 murrine chips adorned with complimentary matching component murrine marbles, and a matching pendant made with 4 murrine chips, along with collector murrine slices from the final pull and each component used in the build.

– Nathan ‘N8′ Miers